What smartphone should I buy

So, Which smartphone should I buy?

 So you want to change your old phone for a  a new smartphone? Of course you do, we all do.  With a big new smartphone phone coming out every two or three  weeks, it’s very easy to feel a left behind and disappointed at your current phone unless you have a brand new  version of the latest and greatest smartphone  in the stores. But you also want to make sure you get the cheapest deal on the newest device, right? That requires some planning.

What smartphone should I buy buyNew Smartphones are expensive, and you don’t want to get stuck in a two-year contract with a phone you don’t need or like. There are a lot of things to consider before buying a new phone, and I’ve picked 5 questions to help you decide whether it’s time buy a new smartphone, and how to get the best deal. Try to answer each of them and you will have a better idea.


Lets deal with our main concern which is: What smartphone should I buy?

Does your phone work?

This might seem like a dumb question, but does the phone you have right now work? Can you make calls? Does it do whatever else you need it to do? Yes? Then why do you need a new phone for? Unless your contract over  or your current phone you is completely useless, you should think long and hard about why you’re replacing it.

Can you renew your contract to get a cheaper price on a new smartphone?

This is probably the most important thing to consider when buying a new phone. After all, phone prices are heavily subsidized when you renew your contract, which can mean the difference between dropping down $200 or $600 at the cash register. Are you not ready to renew yet? Then you can probably wait to buy a new phone too. On the other hand, are you on with a contract-free carrier? The good news is that you can buy a new phone whenever you please. The bad news is that you’ll be shelling out the full price, so choose wisely

Can you get a discount for your new smartphone?

Some carriers offer discounts to particular carriers. Make sure to check with your company to see if any such discounts exist. Carriers will often ask where you work as well, but if they don’t, make sure to see if you are eligible for a corporate discount (or any other type of discount, for that matter).

 When did the newest version of the phone you want come out

What smartphone should I buyUsually, smart-hero phones (like the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S 4) come out with new versions once every 12 months.  Did the last Galaxy S come out 2 months ago? Buy it now! Did it come out 9 months ago? Then you probably want to stick it out and wait for the new one.

Have you decided who to buy your smartphone with?

Most people stick with the same carrier when they buy a new phone, which is fine as long as you’re happy with the price and quality of the service you’re getting. But if you’re looking to make a switch, it’s important to take some time to figure out which carrier will work best for you. You want to get a good price, of course, but you should also take network coverage and quality into account. At this point, for instance, I wouldn’t want to sign up with a carrier that doesn’t offer 4G LTE where I live right now.  And that’s just the beginning. Because there are so many factors to consider in choosing a character, I plan to take a much more detailed look at this in a future post.

Well if you are still asking yourself: What Smartphone should I buy, I hope that this article helps you pic the right one for you.

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